TAMEANA/SAAMA Therapy in Houston, TX


TAMEANA/SAAMA Therapy is a powerful bioenergetic technique which is utilized to find the root cause of a health problem in a manner that is both non-invasive and very effective. TAMEANA/SAAMA Therapy is useful for addressing health issues and emotional disorders that may be triggered by past experiences associated with but not limited to trauma.

The protocol of TAMEANA/SAAMA Therapy involves not only the physical part but it also works with emotional aspects, spiritual, mental, psychic, and psychological, which makes therapy very complete. This can produce deep changes. TAMEANA/SAAMA Therapy is a tool for us to rediscover and develop our natural ability and well-being.

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How Does TAMEANA/SAAMA Therapy Work?

The TAMEANA/SAAMA Therapy session focuses on the reason that has led the client to the consultation. From there, the therapist through the use of a protocol, will test and unblock the energy level information that is causing the problem.

TAMEANA/SAAMA Therapy is about consciousness, matter, light, thought, emotion...everything belongs to the vast quantum world!

Benefits of TAMEANA/SAAMA Therapy

  • Helps to find out whether other shortcomings contribute to the main blockage, such as a lack of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, the presence of fungi, parasites, viruses, bacteria, etc.
  • Unlocks hidden emotions that prevent you from moving forward in your life. Can help improve relationships with others, help you overcome difficulties that you may have in relationships with friends/family, and help you overcome your fear of speaking in public.
  • Can assist with security in oneself, depressions, mania, psychological traumas, phobias, and endless situations.
  • Helps to restore the normal flow of energy in the person receiving the session. When the energy works properly the person also makes and recovers their physical, mental and emotional health.